In the Media

San Diego Financial Planner on the Craig Sewing Show 

Gregg Himfar is a San Diego based financial planner who regularly is sought out for advice. Recently Greg was invited onto the Real Estate Report segment of the Craig Sewing Show to discuss his opinion on utilizing reverse mortgages as a tool for retirement. Reverse mortgages, also called "Home Equity Conversion Mortgages ("HECM")," have gained in popularity and many seniors are now using HECM's as part of their retirement planning. Take a look at the video and be sure to check out The Craig Sewing Show

Radio Show Host Michael Gaddis Hosts Gregg Himfar Certified Financial Planner

Being one of the top financial advisers in San Diego, Gregg Himfar was asked to be a guest on the Michael Gaddis radio show. Michael Gaddis is a licensed attorney, mortgage broker, and realtor who seeks top talent professional advise for this clients. They start by discussing Gregg's professional background before getting into what a CFP is and how to become a certified professional adviser. The second half of the video discusses what a certified financial planner™ does and how they can help. The Michael Gaddis website is a great source of information.